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Cockroaches - Northern Beaches Pest Management, Sydney Australia

Scavengers of the world they eat almost anything, almost anywhere. They are survivors. Some of the 3,000 species are pests and are carriers of diseases affecting humans.
The Pest Species:

They all have flat bodies, enabling them to hide under bark, in crevices (or run under doors). Legs are almost even and the antennae are long. The noticeable difference between nymphs and adults, apart from size, is the lack of wings in the young. Even adults run rather than fly in most circumstances. At the end of each growth stage, the outer shell or cuticle splits and the almost white new stage emerges. It darkens in a couple of hours to again blend in with the others.

German Cockroach: Adults 20-25mm and honey coloured. Prefers warm kitchens or storerooms inside buildings.
Brown Banded Cockroach: Adults are 20-25mm, honey and brown. Prefers to live in buildings but are less dependant on warmth.
American Cockroach: Adults to 55mm and deep red/brown. Prefers moist areas like drains, both inside and outside. Readily flies in warm climates
Smoky Brown Cockroach: Same size as the American but darker. Lives in tree hollows, under bark and enters buildings at night also commonly found nesting in roof void areas.
Australian Cockroach: Adults also to 55mm, red/brown with pale edgeto thorax and wings. Enters buildings at night from gardens. May readily breed inside kitchen and laundry appliances.
Other Australian Natives: There are hundreds of species, mostly found in gardens, but these are not generally considered pests.


Eggs are carried by females in a capsule. Hatching nymphs grow through a series of 5-12 moults. The larger species become adults in 9-12 months. The German cockroach can mature in 2-3 months, and with up to 40 eggs in a capsule the family could number 20,000 in one year.

Cockroaches avoid light, prefer warmth, moist situations close to a food source. Their indescriminate feedingin such areas as sewers, drains and garbage areas brings them in contact with disease organisms such as salmonella and other organisms associated with disentry, typhoid, hepatitis and tuberculosis. Cockroaches are known also to produce allergic reactions in humans and, in some instances sever asthma attacks.


Successful management begins with a thorough inspection to identify the species and to determine the extent and source of the infestation.
A programme is prepared combining the elimination of food sources, gaps and crevices where they live, use of trapping and the selective use of compounds.

The compounds used for cockroach control are of low mamalian toxicity and do not persist in the environment. These include a group known as insect growth regulators which prevent the development to adulthood. Thus, no new eggs are laid. The various compounds used are usually so pest specific that they have little effect on non-target species.

Our treatment procedure follows the following five step process:

1. Prompt arrival at pre arranged time
2. Thorough inspection to all areas of concern and positive pest identification
3. Explanation of treatment procedure to home owner/contact, and confirm price
4. Carry out thorough treatment to required areas (interior, roof void, subfloor, external walls, doors, windows, gutters, eaves, outbuildings, gardens, paths, shrubs, rockeries, fences, etc...)
5. Issue a detailed work order outlining pests covered, areas treated, price and service warranty period

Northern Beaches Pest Management are one of the few companies that offer a 12 month free service warranty period with the majority of our residential household pest treatments, that together with a competitive price and professional service provides you the home owner with the complete pest control package. Get rid of those cockroaches ring now! 


We spend on average 1 - 2 hours at each job, we get into the roof, we go under the house, and we use a large bulk tank and hose reel to spray treat external areas and are committed to solving your pest problems.

“So why not call us today and let the results of our team speak for themselves” 

Specialists in Commercial Pest Control- A preffereed Pest control  service provider for Pittwater Council,
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